I had the privilege and pleasure of serving as a State Representative for 16 years.

As you might know, this is my second career. For 37 years, I was a machinist. I was a proud union member during that time, serving as a union official and advocate. I worked at the Delaware City refinery for 25 years serving as a union steward and General Foreman. These experiences gave me a solid foundation for Rules of Order and their importance, the power of solidarity, and a profound respect for the working men and women and their families.

I held these values so dear to me throughout my career as a legislator. I am proud of my continuous and resolute support for not only organized labor but for all working people and their families and for all of Delaware’s citizens. My bills and the bills I put my name on support ordinary people, working people, parents, children, the homeless, and Delaware’s business community. I always supported government transparency, good government, and open government. I always supported and sponsored bills improving health care, voting rights, gender equity, and the environment.

I have met some amazing people through the years and have been honored by the trust people have placed in me, ranging from neighbors on my street to being featured in French news media regarding transparency and corporate giveaways. I was privileged to be one of just four U.S. legislators invited to England at the British Governments expense for a series of discussions with government officials that included visits to offshore wind sites and Universities that had training programs for engineers and craftsmen dedicated to offshore wind technology. I was humbled and honored to share a mutually respectful friendship with former Governor Russell Peterson, truly one of the most accomplished environmental advocates in Delaware. Being a legislator has been both awe inspiring and humbling, and I am proud of the fact that I remained a full-time legislator, never using my position in Dover to augment my career and income.

When I was first elected, Democrats were in the basement of Legislative Hall. We were a distinct minority party. I am proud that Democrats hold a significant majority today. I was a founding member of Progressive Democrats for Delaware, and I am especially proud of my work for the progressive movement, furthering its ideals, and encouraging, mentoring, and supporting progressive candidates for offices all over the state and country. Many of them now serve in Legislative Hall and continue that important work.

There is a time for everyone to pass the baton, and I am counting on my fellow progressives to continue my efforts.

Thank you.

Rep. John Kowalko

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