Warning: There Is No Budget Surplus

With the Governor’s proposed budget scheduled to be unveiled in less than a week and in light of recent Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) reports purportedly showing an uptick in revenues it is incumbent upon me, as an elected official, to alert the taxpaying public to the reality and complexity of Delaware’s economic situation. While increased revenue projections might appear to be welcome news a number of factors should be considered in the final analysis. The specifics of the revenue gains and revenue shortfalls should be taken in […]

Statement against repeal of Clean Power Plan

Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) hosted a public meeting today to provide an opportunity for Delawareans and citizens of other East Coast states to comment on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to repeal the federal Clean Power Plan (CPP). I join my fellow citizens in denouncing this destructive plan to assault our health and environment. Below is my statement from today’s hearing. John Kowalko State Representative 25th District Good morning. I am State Representative John Kowalko, 25th District, Newark South. I want to thank the […]

Governor’s proposal for Christina schools in Wilmington is a farce

Below is my statement from the recent board meeting concerning the proposed reform of Christina schools in Wilmington and the points I raised about Wilmington education to the Governor. John Kowalko State Representative 25th District Nine other legislators and I attended a meeting called by Governor Carney less than a week ago purportedly to discuss the proposed Wilmington school reform plan and MOU proposal. Since we weren’t given copies of the MOU and it doesn’t seem to be available any longer at the link the Administration provided, I cannot offer […]

Delaware’s road to austerity is destroying most vulnerable

The Delaware General Assembly and Governor Carney gave millions away to wealthy corporations and even got rid of the estate tax last year despite a massive budget gap. Out of those millions, we could have spared the $2.5 million to continue funding the Delaware Pharmaceutical Assistance Program. The recent News Journal headline “Husband and wife of 71 years identified in Kenton murder-suicide” is heartbreaking. I am deeply saddened by this predictable turn of events caused by the General Assembly and Governor’s failure to give even a minimal consideration for the needs of the […]

Demand action to rein in LLC crimes

In response to a FOIA request made by DelCOG and the News Journal, Delaware Secretary of State Jeff Bullock claims to have tweaked internal policy to “rein in secretive limited liability companies.” Instead, these newly proposed regulatory and policy changes are unimpressive and disappointing in my opinion. My proposed legislation (HB 57) simply mandates that registered agents “who serve as administrative liaisons between Delaware companies and the state” check client applicants for a Delaware LLC license against the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) list and report entities […]

Federal Indictments Expose Corruption in Delaware LLC Licensing

We’re number one! The release of indictments today regarding the ongoing Mueller investigation reveals the startling reality of Delaware’s complicity in enabling corruption due to lax LLC licensing rules and laws. You can read the full indictment here. Per the filed indictment: Manafort and Gates owned or controlled 23 “Domestic Entities” used in the scheme, and, of those 23 domestic entities, 9 were Delaware LLCs. Congratulations, Delaware, we are number one again. Please call and write your representatives and senators demanding that they move HB 57 to the floor for […]

An Open Letter to Former Governor Markell

Dear Jack, I’ve just finished reading your N.Y. Times op-ed and I feel it’s my obligation to Delaware’s taxpayers to respond. I’d like to think that your most recent missive has merely added to my disappointment in you but I think I’ve already passed the minimum expectations level in regard to your performance and legacy. I will try to be objective in my analysis and critique. First, I find it unbecoming for you to use “revisionist history” as a crutch to support your crippling economic decisions. That pejorative explanation has […]

Delaware River at Risk from Trump Budget Cuts

Today I spoke at the press conference for a new report on the potential damage facing Delaware waterways from budget cuts proposed by the Trump Administration. My remarks at the press conference are below, followed by the press release for the event and a copy of the report. Let me thank Megan DeSmedt and Environment America and all the contributors who produced this in depth and enlightening report being presented today. One would hope and expect that in this day and age, as all humanity is faced with critical shortages […]

Offshore Wind Power Is Best Investment for Delaware

I am glad to welcome this much needed development in Delaware environment policy. From the News Journal: Delaware this week took its first major step toward encouraging the development of an offshore wind farm in nearly a decade. Gov. John Carney on Monday signed an executive order to create a “working group” that will examine the potential costs and benefits of generating electricity from such a project. Hopefully Governor Carney’s Executive Order creating an Offshore Wind Working Group will result in establishing a serious plan and direction that can move Delaware back to the […]

Pharmaceutical Assistance and the new State of Delaware slogan: “SOLD TO THE HIGHEST (RICHEST) BIDDER”

Taxpayer money giveaways to the wealthiest corporations = corporate welfare = corporate extortion = $3 million takeaway from Pharmaceutical Assistance Program that provided money for individuals who are poor, elderly, or disabled to obtain their medications so that they did not have to cut their pills in half or choose between their life-saving prescriptions and eating. Last week’s announcement of the $3 million giveaway of taxpayer monies (by the corporate hacks running the new & improved DEDO) to Sallie Mae and others seeking unnecessary stipends from Delaware’s taxpayers suggests that […]