Ban toxic flame retardants in Delaware

As National Fire Prevention Week comes to an end, I want to highlight the negative effects of toxic flame retardants, which I have worked to ban in Delaware. Toxic flame retardants are chemicals known to cause cancer and other health effects. While these chemicals were intended to slow or prevent fires, the reality is that they are ineffective and pose serious health risks for millions of Americans. These chemicals are prevalent in everyday household items like carpets, mattresses, and furniture, as well as in firefighter uniforms and many children’s products. In previous […]

Fight against Trump’s Post Office privatization

As Post Office workers rallied to oppose Trump’s plan to privatize the United States Postal Service. I was pleased and privileged to join scores of Postal workers at the Newark Post Office located on Ogletown Road for a full display of unity against such a foolhardy move. Privatization of any government entity has historically resulted in inefficiencies and less services for the people. Privatization allow a third party to profit from the efforts of the workers and inevitably results in less employees and dwindling wages. Further enriching business speculators at […]

New savings coming to Delmarva electric bills

Over a year after seeking an increase in rates for electric customers, Delmarva Power (DP&L) has agreed to a settlement that will actually see a decrease in electric rates. The successful outcome of this long fight was only possible due to the remarkable efforts of the Delaware Public Advocate, Drew Slater, who deserves my sincerest appreciation and respect. When Delmarva submitted this most recent request for a rate increase last year (PSC Docket #17-0977), I continued my practice of intervening in rate cases that are brought before the Public Service […]

Letter of Support for State Auditor Candidate Kathleen Davies

I have sent the following letter of support for Kathleen Davies to some of my constituents. I believe this upcoming primary on September 6th is of the utmost importance to Delaware. I also believe that Kathleen Davies stands head and shoulders above her competitors as far as qualifications, ability, and willingness to dedicate herself without any reservation to serving the public interest. Her desire for an open, transparent good government will be enabled with the appropriate and objective oversight she will administer as our Auditor General. Please read about Kathleen […]

Lawmakers demand leak investigation into Kathleen Davies report

In response to the misguided and irresponsible statements of News Journal Executive Editor Mike Feeley unfairly criticizing the letter sent to AG Matt Denn seeking an internal investigation of a releasing of a confidential report, I am including my comments and challenges to Mr. Feeley’s statements in the article copied below. Rep. John Kowalko Mr. Feeley, In an obvious misrepresentation of the truth, you made statements in today’s article (“Mike Feeley, executive editor of The News Journal, said the news organization will not be deterred by threats of legal action”) […]

Kowalko: Governor’s secrecy hurts public trust

The News Journal | Letter to the Editor | by Rep. John Kowalko This governor’s unwillingness to engage and inform the public in matters of significant importance to their quality of life, such as the decision to remove the Rodney Square bus hub, is a violation of the public trust. Implying that some conveniently created policy of “executive privilege” exists is inexcusably wrong. Without full transparency and openness in the government’s decision-making processes, we as legislators cannot and should not expect to have the public’s confidence and trust in the […]

Rally to Restore Rodney Square Bus Hub

Without full transparency and openness in the government’s decision making processes we, as legislators, cannot and should not expect to have the public’s confidence and trust in the policies we create and the decisions we make. Delaware’s government has consistently and repeatedly resisted efforts to ensure that the public is totally informed of decisions and policies being made. Despite state FOIA laws, the Governor, his Executive Branch, and other agencies have repeatedly resisted and impeded public access to records and private meetings that have taken place, leading to some of […]

Victory in fight for utility rate reduction!

A recent settlement brings good news to Delmarva Power and Light electricity consumers. I chose to intervene in PSC Docket #17-0977 in order to join the Public Advocate, Drew Slater, in trying to mitigate the proposed increase in electric rates requested by Delmarva Power & Light. The recent settlement removes any increase and will decrease electrical rates for Delmarva ratepayers. The original rate increase request was for $31 million. That would have resulted in a $65 per year (4.7%) increase for a typical user. As the Public Service Commission hearings […]

Carney’s Trump-ian disdain for democratic principles

In a dramatic example of a petulant personality who cannot get his way through the legitimate legislative process, Governor Carney has chosen to emulate a Trumpian tactic that shows a healthy disdain for the democratic principle of separation of powers. After failing to get support for his balanced budget constitutional amendment (HB 460), the governor has signed an executive order today, the last day of the legislative session, attempting to force the same mandated budget cuts onto Delawareans through his preparation of next year’s budget bill. In this blatantly disrespectful attempt […]

Corporate propagandists support veiled budget cuts

The usual suspects of corporate propagandists are at it again, disingenuously arguing for budget cuts under the guise of revenue stabilization. HB 460, supported by these corporate lobbyists in an article published in the Sunday News Journal, is an attempt to pass a Grover Norquist conservative dream version of a “balanced budget amendment.” The proposed constitutional change would establish budgetary constraints to force the services and programs of the most vulnerable Delawareans onto the chopping block regardless of the intent of future legislatures. It will establish regressive taxation policies that will […]