Restore Wilmington’s Rodney Square Bus Hub

On December 17, 2017, Delaware’s transit agency, DART, dismantled the bus hub at Rodney Square in Wilmington at the urging of Governor Carney. Removing a bus hub and the bus stops located there is an action that has never before been done across America. Many bus riders reacted with outrage when the proposal was announced. Now, DART passengers face daily disruption as they endure walking several city blocks to make their new bus connections, sometimes forced to walk half a mile for their transfers. The disruption especially affects city residents […]

DOE plan for Wilmington schools ignores reality

With the approval of the MOU that was force-fed to Wimington students and parents, we will now see young children uncomfortably crammed into two aged, monolithic, barracks-like structures, far from their current walking distance homes, immersed in an antagonistic culture of neighborhood allegiances and conflicts, forced to confront the social challenges of substantial age differences, and still without any reduction in class-size and lacking any Reading or Math specialists. RODEL, Carney, DOE, and the Chamber of Commerce can proudly raise their “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner. Below is the statement of opposition […]

Warning: There Is No Budget Surplus

With the Governor’s proposed budget scheduled to be unveiled in less than a week and in light of recent Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) reports purportedly showing an uptick in revenues it is incumbent upon me, as an elected official, to alert the taxpaying public to the reality and complexity of Delaware’s economic situation. While increased revenue projections might appear to be welcome news a number of factors should be considered in the final analysis. The specifics of the revenue gains and revenue shortfalls should be taken in […]

Good news for Delaware utility ratepayers!

As a result of the efforts of the Public Advocate, joined by my colleagues in the General Assembly and members of the public, the Delaware Public Service Commission has ruled to accept the Public Advocate’s petition to restore windfall profits from the recent federal tax cuts to the ratepayers in Delaware. I also am greatly appreciative of a personal note of thanks from Mr. Drew Slater, the Delaware Public Advocate, who is a true champion for the people. We could not have done this without all of us coming together […]

Statement against repeal of Clean Power Plan

Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) hosted a public meeting today to provide an opportunity for Delawareans and citizens of other East Coast states to comment on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to repeal the federal Clean Power Plan (CPP). I join my fellow citizens in denouncing this destructive plan to assault our health and environment. Below is my statement from today’s hearing. John Kowalko State Representative 25th District Good morning. I am State Representative John Kowalko, 25th District, Newark South. I want to thank the […]

Lawmakers Announce Bi-Partisan Letter of Support for Public Advocate Petition

Delaware General Assembly Rep. John Kowalko Rep. Kim Williams For immediate release: January 3, 2018 Lawmakers Announce Bi-Partisan Letter of Support for Public Advocate Petition Letter supports petition to the Public Service Commission requesting reduction of utility rates in Docket No. 17-1240 due to recently signed taxed reform DOVER – Twenty-six members of the Delaware General Assembly sent a letter to the Delaware Public Service Commission pronouncing their support for Public Advocate Drew Slater’s petition to open a docket “to reduce the rates of Commission-regulated utilities as a result of […]

Delaware Public Advocate fighting for utility rate reduction

Public Advocate Drew Slater has petitioned the Public Service Commission contending that the cash windfall from the recent lowering of corporate taxes that would directly benefit utilities, such as Delmarva Power and Artesian, should not be added to those companies’ coffers but should flow directly to electricity and water consumers. This is a petition that should be granted without any hesitation and is another example of the dedication and thoughtfulness exhibited by Mr. Slater who takes his responsibilities to the consumers as Delaware’s Public Advocate more seriously than any other […]

Governor’s proposal for Christina schools in Wilmington is a farce

Below is my statement from the recent board meeting concerning the proposed reform of Christina schools in Wilmington and the points I raised about Wilmington education to the Governor. John Kowalko State Representative 25th District Nine other legislators and I attended a meeting called by Governor Carney less than a week ago purportedly to discuss the proposed Wilmington school reform plan and MOU proposal. Since we weren’t given copies of the MOU and it doesn’t seem to be available any longer at the link the Administration provided, I cannot offer […]

Delaware’s road to austerity is destroying most vulnerable

The Delaware General Assembly and Governor Carney gave millions away to wealthy corporations and even got rid of the estate tax last year despite a massive budget gap. Out of those millions, we could have spared the $2.5 million to continue funding the Delaware Pharmaceutical Assistance Program. The recent News Journal headline “Husband and wife of 71 years identified in Kenton murder-suicide” is heartbreaking. I am deeply saddened by this predictable turn of events caused by the General Assembly and Governor’s failure to give even a minimal consideration for the needs of the […]

Demand action to rein in LLC crimes

In response to a FOIA request made by DelCOG and the News Journal, Delaware Secretary of State Jeff Bullock claims to have tweaked internal policy to “rein in secretive limited liability companies.” Instead, these newly proposed regulatory and policy changes are unimpressive and disappointing in my opinion. My proposed legislation (HB 57) simply mandates that registered agents “who serve as administrative liaisons between Delaware companies and the state” check client applicants for a Delaware LLC license against the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) list and report entities […]