Commentary: Putting special interest over Delaware families

Delaware State News | Opinion | by Rep. John Kowalko The American Chemistry Council is the well-funded and highly influential (with members of both parties in Delaware) special interest that has flown in professionals (hacks) from as far away as California to keep my bills banning flame retardants from mattresses and children’s products bottled up in committee twice in the last few years. Joined by all of the Republicans on the two committees (that it was assigned to in recent sessions) a key Democratic member of both committees who serves […]

Delaware school funding needs financial oversight

In a blatant disregard for fiscal responsibility and Delaware law, for almost a decade, the Joint Finance Committee has inserted language into the annual budget bill to remove oversight and protections from the use of taxpayer money to fund charter schools. One charter school that is under investigation for financial mismanagement has received millions in unaccountable funding, including over $750,000 in the past year. I have consistently opposed this use of taxpayer money with no accountability or understanding for how it is spent. This year, I filed an amendment to […]

Christina School Board election on April 14

This Tuesday, May 14, there is a very important election scheduled for a Christina School Board position. John Young is an extremely intelligent and dedicated advocate for public school children, educators and families. He has consistently shown the willingness and courage to confront the mercenary corporate reformists who are causing irreparable damage to Delaware public schools. He has used his experience, intellect, and work ethic to allow the public to see the intimate details and harmful effects of Standardized Testing, Common Core curricula, the dismantling of neighborhood schools, and the […]

Support the Christina School District referendum on April 30th

Dear friends, On April 30th, you will have an opportunity to vote on a subject of critical importance to our future. I am personally asking all of you to cast a vote for one of the most important issues facing our children, our families, and our community. The Christina School District is holding an operating referendum to provide funding for over 20,000 children in our community, whether they attend a Christina school, a charter school, or a public school in another district. Christina School District has worked tirelessly to trim costs […]

City of Newark Election Information for April 9th

Dear neighbor, I hope you will get to the polls and cast your vote in the Newark election today, April 9th. I will be voting for Catherine Ciferni for Mayor of Newark, and I also urge you to support Mark Morehead for Council District 1. Additional information about the election is below. John Kowalko State Representative 25th District Newark Letters of support for Catherine Ciferni and Mark Morehead Elections for the City of Newark are today—April 9, 2019—for Mayor and Council Districts 1 and 2. Polls are open from 7 a.m. […]

Vote for Mark Morehead on Tuesday, April 9th

Dear Newark neighbor, Tomorrow, April 9th, you have a distinct choice to make in the election for your District 1 Councilmember. I urge you to vote to reelect Mark Morehead. He is the right person at the right time to protect Newark’s residents and businesses against the special interests that choose to wield the power of their status and financial interests. Mark Morehead is a dedicated, honest public servant who has always put the interests of the residents of Newark first. He has fought for your interests throughout his eight […]

Bill Would Extend Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program

DOVER – Citing the success of helping Delaware families in difficult situations, Rep. John Kowalko filed legislation this week that would extend a critical state program that provides assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure. In response to the foreclosure crisis that gripped the state and nation during the past decade, Delaware lawmakers and former attorney general the late Beau Biden produced a package of bills in 2011 that were enacted with broad bi-partisan support. Among those measures was legislation that strengthened Delaware’s existing voluntary foreclosure mediation program. The Automatic Residential Mortgage […]

Delaware Prescription Assistance Program (DPAP)

The Delaware Prescription Assistance Program (DPAP) was restored last year to help cover the costs of pharmaceutical medications for individuals who are poor, elderly, or disabled. If you are struggling with the costs of your medications, the program may be able to help you with up to $3,000 in coverage. You can call (800) 996-9969 (press 0 or stay on the line) to speak to a representative who can assist you or download the application yourself using the link below. Additional information from the Delaware DHSS about the program and eligibility requirements […]

Undo the Republican extortion over minimum wage

The minimum wage protects the poorest of the poor working people. Last year, the Republicans in the House took the state budget hostage in order to create alternative categories to undermine a minimum wage increase. Any elected Democrat who chooses to deliberately ignore the plight of those who are struggling to make ends meet under the false pretense that the Republicans are again threatening to hold up legislation such as the Bond or Grant-in-Aid bills should consider changing their registration or resigning from office. Any elected leader of the Democratic Party […]

New utility rate reductions for Delaware customers in 2019

Delaware Public Advocate Drew Slater has announced additional rate reductions for utility customers in Delaware, in addition to the reductions approved last year for Delmarva electric and gas ratepayers. Thank you to the hard work of Mr. Slater and thirty-eight of my fellow legislators and all the other citizens who fought to ensure that the recent federal corporate tax cuts would go to help ratepayers. Please see the press release below for additional information on the most recent rate reduction. John Kowalko State Representative 25th District Public Service Commission Approves […]