Legislative Update for 2017-2018

Dear Neighbor, My most recent legislative update should be coming to you in the mail for residents of the 25th District. You can also view a copy using the link below. I also have five survey questions in my newsletter this year, and I hope you will let me know your opinion on those topics. As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office with any questions or concerns you may have about issues in the 25th District or the state. John Kowalko State Representative 25th District Click to […]

Hurricane Florence Update

Hurricane Florence is currently expected to make landfall on the coast of North Carolina tomorrow. Meteorologists predict that Delaware may be affected by 1-2 inches of rain. State agencies and Delmarva power are prepared with response teams, although it is unlikely at this point that a State of Emergency will need to be declared. It is important to be prepared, just in case. Making a disaster plan is a good place to start. Click here for a Red Cross resource guide on how to make your plan. Another good way […]

State Legislators From All 50 States Urge End of Investor-State Dispute Settlement System in NAFTA

Public Citizen | Press Release More Than 300 Republican and Democratic State Legislators From All 50 States Urge End of Investor-State Dispute Settlement System in NAFTA In Letter to U.S. Trade Representative, Lawmakers Say ISDS Undermines State Sovereignty and Lawmaking WASHINGTON, D.C. – With all eyes on the fate of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiations, more than 300 state legislators from across the political spectrum and from all 50 states released a letter today urging that the controversial Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system be eliminated from the deal. […]

New savings coming to Delmarva electric bills

Over a year after seeking an increase in rates for electric customers, Delmarva Power (DP&L) has agreed to a settlement that will actually see a decrease in electric rates. The successful outcome of this long fight was only possible due to the remarkable efforts of the Delaware Public Advocate, Drew Slater, who deserves my sincerest appreciation and respect. When Delmarva submitted this most recent request for a rate increase last year (PSC Docket #17-0977), I continued my practice of intervening in rate cases that are brought before the Public Service […]

Primary Election Endorsements by Representative Kowalko

Today is primary election day in Delaware! You must be a registered Democrat or Republican to be able to vote in the primary election. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can find your polling place here: https://ivote.de.gov/voterpoll.aspx   Dear Friend, I do not often make primary election endorsements, but the following Democratic candidates have stood out from the rest and earned my support. I have endorsed Kathleen Davies for State Auditor and Chris Johnson for Attorney General because I believe they are the most qualified candidates […]

Endorsement of Chris Johnson for Delaware Attorney General

Over the past few years, I’ve found the Delaware DOJ to be unable or unwilling to enforce transparency and FOIA obligations of some state agencies including the Executive Branch. This unwillingness to investigate or take action in a number of cases even extended to a refusal to conduct a review of the DOJ itself in a critical matter of misappropriation of public funds requested by two state legislators. I discussed these discomforting actions with Attorney General primary candidate Chris Johnson at some length. I evaluated his plans and policy proposals […]

Delaware becomes first state to ban outdoor use of lead paint

Yesterday, the Governor signed HB 456, one of the most important bills to be passed by the State Legislature. This landmark legislation will ensure cleaner air, water, and soil and help protect the public against the threat that lead based products presents by banning the use of lead paint on outdoor structures. A special and sincere thank you goes out to Amy Roe and Sarah Bucic, two of the hardest working and knowledgeable environmental advocates in Delaware. Their persistent efforts in helping draft this bill, promoting this bill, and explaining […]

Letter of Support for State Auditor Candidate Kathleen Davies

I have sent the following letter of support for Kathleen Davies to some of my constituents. I believe this upcoming primary on September 6th is of the utmost importance to Delaware. I also believe that Kathleen Davies stands head and shoulders above her competitors as far as qualifications, ability, and willingness to dedicate herself without any reservation to serving the public interest. Her desire for an open, transparent good government will be enabled with the appropriate and objective oversight she will administer as our Auditor General. Please read about Kathleen […]

Lawmakers demand leak investigation into Kathleen Davies report

In response to the misguided and irresponsible statements of News Journal Executive Editor Mike Feeley unfairly criticizing the letter sent to AG Matt Denn seeking an internal investigation of a releasing of a confidential report, I am including my comments and challenges to Mr. Feeley’s statements in the article copied below. Rep. John Kowalko Mr. Feeley, In an obvious misrepresentation of the truth, you made statements in today’s article (“Mike Feeley, executive editor of The News Journal, said the news organization will not be deterred by threats of legal action”) […]

State Lawmakers Petition Attorney General to Investigate Leaking of Confidential Report

The release of a confidential report by any government employee or agency is a startling and alarming incident of a breach of the public’s trust. When the report is additionally bound by confidential guarantees pertaining to individual personnel rights it becomes even more onerous when that confidentially is breached. When it becomes obvious that the release of a part of a report (out of context) is being used unfairly to besmirch the reputation of a political candidate within weeks of an election it translates from illicit to illegal to immoral. […]