Is Delaware willing to give and take at your expense?

Delaware taxpayers are once again being asked to close their collective minds and open their collective wallets. Another grotesque giveaway to another wealthy corporation has been proposed. Instigated, orchestrated, and supported by the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, Delaware’s State Department, the Administration, and a vast number of corporate shills that occupy the General Assembly, we are once again being cajoled to give millions of dollars to a profitable company under the guise of economic development. In the past 9 years, these corporate welfare policies have cost the Delaware taxpayers […]

Kowalko: General Assembly ignores alternatives for Delaware

Delaware State News | Letter to the Editor | by Rep. John Kowalko Some of Friday’s House activity needs further explanation and clarification. There have been excuses made, and aspersions cast. I will not attempt to justify or excuse the failures of the entire General Assembly, its leadership and the governor throughout this self-created crisis. However, I do think that the public and all Delawareans deserve to be made aware of all of the options available to our elected officials and how we abdicated and continue to abdicate our responsibilities […]

CZA: Profits and False Hopes

“By what measure do we evaluate and trade the health of the environment, the health of the ecology and the health of our citizens for business opportunities that profit and enrich the shareholders of these corporations. This has certainly become the mantra of the current regime in Washington. Profits are the only important factor.” This was my closing statement to the Natural Resources Committee members immediately before they voted to release HB 190, which will remove core protections against heavy industry and bulk product transfer on Delaware coastlines from the […]

House Dems urge action against American Health Care Act

For Immediate Release: June 8, 2017 The following letter was signed by all 25 members of the House Democratic Caucus and sent to Sen. Carper and Sen. Coons expressing their concern about the American Health Care Act and its impact on Delaware and the entire country. Dear Sens. Coons and Carper, Cancer will destroy any adult or child’s immune system. Surgeons do not base a knee replacement on whether the joints belong to a Democrat or Republican. Medical crises don’t discriminate. Health care coverage shouldn’t either. Health care should be […]

Time to Raise Revenue and End Corporate Welfare

After reviewing the press advisory, available below, from Delaware’s House and Senate leadership regarding the unanticipated postponement of the Joint Finance Committee meetings, I felt compelled to analyze what message was intended by this action. I consider most of the DEFAC revenue subcommittee report as a regurgitation of failed economic ideas and a further redistribution of wealth to corporations at the expense of the needy and literally taken from the ALEC playbook for corporate welfare. This report, referenced by leadership as a panacea for economic stability in Delaware, is based […]

Are Democratic Ideals and Principles Now Relics of the Past?

In a decision that I can only interpret as a betrayal of the core principles and ideals of Democrats, ten members of Delaware’s Democratic Party House caucus joined the entire Republican House caucus and voted to pass HB 16. The piece of legislation, introduced by Representative Mike Ramone and co-sponsored exclusively by Republicans, would repeal Delaware’s estate tax with a significant and permanent loss of revenue. In 2016, the estate tax brought in $9.3 million of needed revenue despite projections that it would garner only $3.5 million. Future conservative projections […]

State Legislators Join Delaware NAACP to Request AG Opinion on Charter School Legislation

For Immediate Release: May 22, 2017 State Representative Charles Potter, Jr. (1st District) (302) 528-5279 | State Representative Dr. Stephanie T. Bolden (2nd District) (302) 528-5279 | State Representative John Kowalko (25th District) (302) 547-9351 | Linwood Jackson, President, Delaware NAACP State Conference Attorney General Legal Opinion Requested on Legality of Recently Passed Legislation State Representatives Charles Potter, Stephanie Bolden, and John Kowalko along with Linwood Jackson, President of the NAACP Delaware State Conference, have submitted a request to Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn for a […]

Opposition to Automatic Increases to Delmarva Customer Bills

Recently, representatives and lobbyists for Exelon and Delmarva Power & Light have been circulating proposed legislation that would impose a surcharge of up to $17 million in between electric rate cases and up to $7 million in between gas rate cases for a total of $24 million on Delaware consumers for a “Distribution System Improvement Charge.” This would be to allegedly pay for enhanced reliability. However, Exelon is not telling you that this huge windfall will have significantly less oversight and examination than a base rate case, which has “a […]

Hard Budget Choices Topic of Progressive Democrat Forum, Public Invited

For Immediate Release: May 1, 2017 On May 3, 2017, Progressive Democrats for Delaware will host a Forum on Delaware’s Budget Proposals Panelists include: Governor Carney’s Cabinet Secretary of Finance, Rick Geisenberger; State Representative J. J. Johnson; and State Representative John Kowalko. Panelists will discuss the current state of the budget, budget issues, and proposals to resolve those issues, both for the immediate budget and long term solutions. The Forum will begin at 7:30 PM at New Castle County Party Headquarters, 19 East Commons Blvd., New Castle, DE 19072. Please […]

A Healthy Economy Lies Just Offshore

In February, I flew to London at the invitation of the British Embassy to spend a week of meetings and site visits reviewing the remarkable story of economic and environmental progress made by Great Britain with its offshore wind generation program. The success story in the United Kingdom can and should be replicated here in America. Offshore wind generation, on the eastern seaboard of North America, offers a remarkably effective opportunity for energy independence, electric cost stabilization, job-growth, manufacturing revitalization, national security, and remedying a deteriorating global environment. The results […]