Carney’s Trump-ian disdain for democratic principles

In a dramatic example of a petulant personality who cannot get his way through the legitimate legislative process, Governor Carney has chosen to emulate a Trumpian tactic that shows a healthy disdain for the democratic principle of separation of powers. After failing to get support for his balanced budget constitutional amendment (HB 460), the governor has signed an executive order today, the last day of the legislative session, attempting to force the same mandated budget cuts onto Delawareans through his preparation of next year’s budget bill. In this blatantly disrespectful attempt […]

Endorsement of Kathleen Davies for Delaware State Auditor

It is not often that I choose to make an endorsement in a primary election, but sometimes a candidate stands out from the rest and earns my recognition and support. An individual of impeccable integrity, experience, and intelligence best describes Kathleen Davies. Ms. Davies stands above the others in my opinion and will administer the affairs and responsibilities of the Auditor’s office with an exceptional consideration for fairness and honesty. I am proud to endorse Kathleen Davies as the Democratic candidate for the office of State Auditor. Kathleen Davies has […]

Good news for Delaware utility ratepayers!

As a result of the efforts of the Public Advocate, joined by my colleagues in the General Assembly and members of the public, the Delaware Public Service Commission has ruled to accept the Public Advocate’s petition to restore windfall profits from the recent federal tax cuts to the ratepayers in Delaware. I also am greatly appreciative of a personal note of thanks from Mr. Drew Slater, the Delaware Public Advocate, who is a true champion for the people. We could not have done this without all of us coming together […]

Delaware Public Advocate fighting for utility rate reduction

Public Advocate Drew Slater has petitioned the Public Service Commission contending that the cash windfall from the recent lowering of corporate taxes that would directly benefit utilities, such as Delmarva Power and Artesian, should not be added to those companies’ coffers but should flow directly to electricity and water consumers. This is a petition that should be granted without any hesitation and is another example of the dedication and thoughtfulness exhibited by Mr. Slater who takes his responsibilities to the consumers as Delaware’s Public Advocate more seriously than any other […]

PSC Public Meeting Notice & Invitation

Delmarva Power & Light is requesting that another large increase be imposed on its ratepayers and business customers that might very well adversely affect your economic circumstances. I am posting this public meeting schedule below in order to ask all DP&L electric and natural gas customers to show up and speak up at these “public comment sessions.” The frequency and size of these rate increases is stifling and unfair to the public and the commercial business community alike. There are many knowledgeable experts who find these rate increases unjustified and […]

Kowalko Challenges Delmarva Rate Increase for Residential and Business Ratepayers

Dear friends, Once again, Delmarva Power & Light is seeking to dramatically increase rates for electric and natural gas customers. The recently concluded merger of Exelon and Pepco Holdings, owner of DP&L, created the largest utility company in the country. Part of the “deal” for Delaware was a one-time bill credit for DP&L customers, with electric and natural gas ratepayers seeing a $122.64 and $49.95 credit, respectively, on their bill earlier this year. However, our regulators who approved the deal failed to acknowledge that the one-time rebate would soon be […]

Public Pressure Leads to Delaware River Fracking Ban

A collection of states have voted to permanently ban fracking in the Delaware River Basin. This is a wonderful example of what can happen when the public stays involved and keeps applying pressure on its political leaders. The permanent ban on fracking is a wonderful victory after a culmination of efforts to oppose fracking, including the sucessful petition from 2011 to stop the previous vote. John Kowalko State Representative 25th District       From the Associated Press: Regulators Take Step to Ban Fracking Near Delaware River U.S. News | […]

States Vote to Permanently Ban Fracking in Delaware River Basin

Dear friends, Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania have voted to permanently ban fracking in the Delaware River Basin. This is a wonderful example of how a temporary victory for the environment (see 2011 petition success below) can translate into a permanent win for the environment and the people when the public stays involved and keeps applying pressure on its political leaders. John Kowalko State Representative 25th District The 2011 petition stopped the previous effort to propose fracking in the Delaware River Basin: For Immediate Release: November 23, 2011 Contact: Drew […]

Offshore Wind Power Is Best Investment for Delaware

I am glad to welcome this much needed development in Delaware environment policy. From the News Journal: Delaware this week took its first major step toward encouraging the development of an offshore wind farm in nearly a decade. Gov. John Carney on Monday signed an executive order to create a “working group” that will examine the potential costs and benefits of generating electricity from such a project. Hopefully Governor Carney’s Executive Order creating an Offshore Wind Working Group will result in establishing a serious plan and direction that can move Delaware back to the […]

Report Released on Health Care for Delawareans

A Cost Too High: The Financial Harm of the Republican Plan to Eliminate Health Care Since December, the Republicans leading Congress have proposed nothing but reckless plans when it comes to health care. We all know that there’s a lot of room for improvement in our health care system, particularly when it comes to affordability and lowering costs, but none of these proposals would address these issues. In fact, as a new report shows, repealing the Affordable Care Act, capping or cutting Medicaid and privatizing Medicare—the three main Republican proposals—would result […]