Bloom Energy returns incentive money for failure to create promised jobs

Delaware Public Media | by Sarah Mueller Bloom Energy is returning more than 1.5 million dollars in incentives it received for a promise to create hundreds of jobs. But the fuel cell manufacturer’s sweet deal came at the expense of Delaware utility customers. Bloom Energy promised in 2011 it would hire 900 workers earning a combined $108 million a year at its Newark location. In return, lawmakers approved a package of subsidies that included a $12 million grant. And they added an electricity surcharge for the state’s ratepayers through 2033. […]

Delmarva customers can expect up to $9 a month rate hike

The News Journal | by Karl Baker Delmarva Power wants to raise rates for its Delaware electricity customers by more than $5 a month next year, and nearly $4 a month for natural gas. The Newark-based utility asked the state for permission in August to increase electricity rates to raise $31.2 million. If allowed, the average Delaware homeowner would pay $5.42 more for electricity, to about $123. Delmarva also wants to increase its monthly natural gas rates by nearly $4 more per month, for the average homeowner, raising $12.8 million […]

Letter: Operation rigged in favor of Corporate America

Delaware State News | Letter to the Editor | by Bill Clemens Once again, State Rep. John Kowalko, representing the Newark area, deserves kudos for his Sept. 13 letter to the editor titled, “Delaware inflicting economic genocide on middle class?” John shed more enlightenment on crony political capitalism. He has continued to be the shepherd trying to lead the flock to greener pastures so more people could have some greenbacks to munch on. However, too many politicians continue to make undercover deals with the lobbyists to continually increase profits for […]

Kowalko: Is Delaware committing genocide against the middle class?

Delaware State News | Commentary | by Rep. John Kowalko If you’re still upset about Hillary Clinton’s $600,000 price tag for delivering inspiring speeches to Corporate American entities, then consider the following in the matter of Delaware taxpayer giveaways and job creation: By my calculations, JP Morgan can afford 16.6 Hillary speeches paid by Delaware taxpayer money alone. DuPont/Dow can buy about 20 H.C. inspirational talks. Sallie Mae can afford about six sessions. The list goes on and on. So if you’re looking for job and business creation from the […]

Proposed EPA budget cuts draw concern from area environmentalists

WDEL | by Mark Fowser Progress made in cleaning up the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and Christina River could be in jeopardy under the Trump administration’s proposal to cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s Budget, according to a report from an advocacy organization. Environment America released its findings at a news conference along Wilmington’s Christina River. A deadline for Congress to approve a federal budget is approaching. “Over the last few years, Delaware has made a concerted effort to reduce pollution from industrial activities and clean up our waterways. This effort […]

Kowalko: Taxpayers should fight corporate welfare

The News Journal | Opinion | by Rep. John Kowako Delaware taxpayers are once again being asked to close their collective minds and open their collective wallets. Another grotesque giveaway to another wealthy corporation has been proposed. Instigated, orchestrated and supported by the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, Delaware’s State Department, Gov. John Carney’s administration and a vast number of corporate shills that occupy the General Assembly, we are once again being cajoled to give millions of dollars to a profitable company under the guise of economic development. In […]

It might be described as ‘a night of horrors’

Delaware State News | by Andrew West DOVER — The tumult and shouting over Delaware’s operating budget ended early Monday at Legislative Hall. Gov. John Carney signed the budget ­— totaling $4.1 billion — in the wee hours, and there was high-fiving and applause amongst the observing legislators. It took an unprecedented two-day overtime session. We certainly appreciate the tireless efforts our reporter, Matt Bittle, as all of the wrangling unfolded, mostly behind closed doors. Not everyone was happy, when the budget was presented. Rep. John Kowalko, D-Newark, was one […]

AG’s Office routinely violated open records laws

The News Journal | by Margie Fishman Greenwood kettle corn maker Dan Kramer appreciates life in the slow lane. Except when it comes to state government. All told, the septuagenarian has spent more than four years waiting for the Attorney General’s Office to rule on his public information requests, making him the longest-running petitioner in recent memory. “You’re just sitting here, wondering what in the world is taking so long for them to come to a conclusion,” drawls Kramer, who has filed six appeals with the state attorney general since 2011, four of […]

Latest State To Repeal Estate Tax: Delaware

Forbes | by Ashlea Ebeling Despite facing a $400 million budget hole, Delaware is the latest state to repeal its estate tax—as of Jan. 1, 2018. Democratic Governor John Carney Jr. signed a stand-alone estate tax repeal bill today, just two days after signing the 2018 state budget, which includes tax hikes on real estate transfers, tobacco and alcohol. “The very wealthy don’t have to move down to Florida,” says Jocelyn Borowsky, an estate lawyer with Duane Morris in Wilmington, Del. The thinking is that if wealthy folks stay in […]

Kowalko: General Assembly ignores alternatives for Delaware

Delaware State News | Letter to the Editor | by Rep. John Kowalko Some of Friday’s House activity needs further explanation and clarification. There have been excuses made, and aspersions cast. I will not attempt to justify or excuse the failures of the entire General Assembly, its leadership and the governor throughout this self-created crisis. However, I do think that the public and all Delawareans deserve to be made aware of all of the options available to our elected officials and how we abdicated and continue to abdicate our responsibilities […]