Lawmakers introduce bill to legalize marijuana

Delaware State News | by Matt Bittle DOVER — Lawmakers on Thursday filed a bill that would make Delaware the ninth state to legalize marijuana. The measure, sponsored by 13 Democrats and one Republican, would allow individuals at least 21 years old to use cannabis in their home. Using marijuana in public would still be illegal, and individuals would be restricted from growing the drug or possessing more than one ounce. “Reefer madness. We should never have agreed to allow that image to be prolonged to that extent. That’s ridiculous,” Rep. […]

State lawmaker continues push for offshore wind in Delaware

Delaware Public Media | by James Morrison One Delaware state lawmaker is not giving up on his goal to make offshore wind farms a reality along the coast of Delaware. State Rep. John Kowalko (D-Newark) has just returned from a trip to the United Kingdom, where he learned how that country became the world leader in wind energy. Kowalko was instrumental in Delaware’s previous attempt at offshore wind farms. He helped the state secure a power purchase agreement with Delmarva Electric and NRG Bluewater, but the plan expired in 2011 […]

Delaware lawmakers react to proposed tax hikes, cuts to education

WDEL | by Lauren Huet Delaware lawmakers reacted to Governor John Carney’s budget proposal Thursday. The $4.1 billion budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2018 is a 50/50 split between cuts and revenue generating proposals. Democratic Representative Paul Baumbach (D-Newark) was pleased with the proposal.  “I’m happy that it wasn’t my job to come out with a balanced budget. I think Governor Carney did a good job with an extremely difficult challenge,” said Baumbach. “I like Governor Markell’s 2/3 on revenues and 1/3 on expense. Governor Carney took a 50/50. I think […]

Elements of Carney’s budget plan draw quick opposition

Delaware Public Media | by Tom Byrne Gov. John Carney’s 2018 budget proposal is already getting some initial blowback from state lawmakers. His calls to raise personal income tax rates and cut education spending were among the ideas that drew criticism immediately after the governor unveiled his plan Thursday. Carney’s proposal to cut $37 million from what it currently sends to school districts raised eyebrows on both sides of the aisle. And State senator Ernie Lopez (R-Lewes) isn’t sure the governor’s plan to allow districts to recoup 22 million of those […]

Gov. Carney introduces proposed budget of “really tough decisions”

Newsworks | by Zoë Read Gov. John Carney, D-Delaware, announced his proposed $4.1 billion budget for fiscal year 2018, beginning July 1, on Thursday. The budget, which the Governor said will address a $385.5 million deficit and an imbalance of revenues and expenses, is a 0.29 percent growth from the current budget. Carney said he believes his proposed budget will make Delaware more competitive, while promoting economic growth. He said it will use a balanced approach that cuts spending and raises revenue, build a long-term sustainable financial plan and contain […]

UD, DSU transparency bill returns

Delaware Public Media | by James Dawson Rep. John Kowalko (D-Newark South) is reviving his attempts to wrangle Delaware’s publicly affiliated universities under the state’s public records laws. Right now, University of Delaware and Delaware State University only have to comply with the Freedom of Information Act or FOIA if it involves public money. Kowalko says that’s unacceptable. “They should be open up to FOIA because they are a public entity, because they receive public funds and that is the definition of a public entity in our law, in our […]

US Government delegates visit Humber UTC in Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe Telegraph | by Simon Leonard US Government Offshore Wind delegates visited the Humber University Technical College (UTC) in Scunthorpe this morning. The Humber UTC and Team Humber Marine Alliance (TMHA) networking event saw representatives from Massachusetts, Oregon, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and Hawaii meet and network with UTC staff , governors, THMA members and partners, before taking a tour of the facility. THMA was one of the founding partners of the UTC on Carlton Street which is focused on engineering and renewables. The UTC offers a new concept in […]

Right-to-Work is wrong for Delaware

The News Journal | Opinion | by Democratic Members of the House Labor Committee If it’s the start of a legislative session, then it means that Republicans are dusting off a tried-and-proven-untrue solution to bolster our economy. Much like the movie “Groundhog Day,” we seem destined to repeatedly push back against a popular Republican policy idea that has the most ironic nickname: Right-to-Work. Make no mistake, Right-to-Work legislation is anything but. These laws directly affect our neighbors who work as teachers, police, government employees, and construction workers by weakening and removing the ability […]

Bill Addressing Foreign LLCs Comes From Outside Channel

Delaware Business Court Insider | by Tom McParland A Delaware lawmaker has rekindled a legislative effort to tighten statutes governing the formation and oversight of foreign limited liability companies, a move that has again put him and other reform advocates at odds with attorneys and state officials. On Jan. 26, state Rep. John A. Kowalko Jr., D­-Newark South, filed a bill that would require registered agents, acting on behalf of individuals or entities, to screen the applicants for their compliance with a range of federal laws. Under the legislation, known […]

Proposed state budget could mean cuts for Newark

Newark Post | by Karie Simmons The budget proposed by outgoing Gov. Jack Markell includes a slew of tax hikes and several agency and program cuts, but what could hurt Newark the most is the recommendation to reduce municipalities’ share of the real estate transfer tax. Released last month, the $4.1 billion FY 2018 budget aims to address a $350 million deficit. Incoming Gov. John Carney will have a chance to suggest changes in the spring before the document is discussed by the General Assembly and put into effect July 1. […]