Letter: Drug law will save lives

The News Journal | Letter to the Editor | by Bonnie & Chuck Yeatman We want to thank Rep. John Kowalko for the tireless effort and time he put into sponsoring House Bill 331. This bill requires physicians to obtain informed, written parental consent prior to prescribing specific mind-altering drugs (including “benzos”) to teens. The parent will be given a form that explains, in layman’s terms, possible life-threatening risks to minors using the drug for the first time. This groundbreaking legislation has the potential to save teen lives; we were […]

State auditor candidate pushes back against allegations

Delaware State News | by Matt Bittle DOVER — The former No. 2 employee of the Delaware Office of the Auditor of Accounts, who is now running for auditor, misused her position to hide details from her boss, transfer money without budget officials finding out and award contracts to friends, according to a report prepared by an outside firm. Findings from accounting consultant Grant Thornton indicate Kathleen Davies assumed many of the duties normally held by the state auditor and created a hostile work environment before being suspended in mid-2016 […]

Candidate for Auditor Kathleen Davies disputes findings in leaked personnel report

WDEL | by Mark Fowser A candidate for statewide office has more on her mind than just rounding up votes. Kathleen Davies is dealing with the ramifications of a supposedly confidential personnel report that was released to the media and published just weeks before the election. The release has prompted calls for a state investigation, while Davies tries to keep focused on her campaign to replace retiring State Auditor Tom Wagner – with whom she worked for several years. Appearing on The Rick Jensen Show on WDEL Wednesday, Davies said […]

Kowalko: News Journal Editor’s statement out of line

The News Journal | Letter to the Editor | by Rep. John Kowalko In an obvious misrepresentation of the truth, you make statements in today’s article, “Mike Feeley, executive editor of The News Journal, said the news organization will not be deterred by threats of legal action,” that show that you have apparently not read the letter (from Rep. Williams and myself sent to Attorney General Denn) or you are deliberately misinterpreting the content and intent of the letter. Nowhere in that letter does it state or allude to any legal action […]

Two state lawmakers seek probe into leaked report on State Auditor candidate

Delaware Public Media | by Sarah Mueller Two state representatives endorsing Kathleen Davies for State Auditor are asking Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn to investigate the leak of a report criticizing her. An article in the News Journal earlier this month cited the report that alleges Davies abused her power and failed to follow policies after Wagner placed her in charge while undergoing medical procedures. Davies’ attorney says it’s an attempt to defame and discredit her. Democratic Reps. John Kowalko and Kim Williams say the leak of the report raises […]

Lawmakers demand leak investigation into Kathleen Davies report

In response to the misguided and irresponsible statements of News Journal Executive Editor Mike Feeley unfairly criticizing the letter sent to AG Matt Denn seeking an internal investigation of a releasing of a confidential report, I am including my comments and challenges to Mr. Feeley’s statements in the article copied below. Rep. John Kowalko Mr. Feeley, In an obvious misrepresentation of the truth, you made statements in today’s article (“Mike Feeley, executive editor of The News Journal, said the news organization will not be deterred by threats of legal action”) […]

Candidate Profile: John Kowalko, House District 25

The News Journal | Candidate Profile Office sought: State House of Representatives, 25th District. Party: Democrat Age: 72 Candidate statement: I am a lifelong Democrat. I am an idealist and as a progressive liberal I believe that the people come first. The citizens of Delaware are the only special interest I am totally committed to. Please visit my website for details. Website: https://johnkowalko.com/ Read original article.

Kowalko: Davies endorsement

Delaware State News | Letter to the Editor | by Rep. John Kowalko It is not often that I choose to make an endorsement in a primary election, but sometimes a candidate stands out from the rest and earns my recognition and support. An individual of impeccable integrity, experience, and intelligence best describes Kathleen Davies. Ms. Davies stands above the others in my opinion and will administer the affairs and responsibilities of the auditor’s office with an exceptional consideration for fairness and honesty. I am proud to endorse Kathleen Davies […]

‘Public transportation, not public discrimination’: protesters rally to restore Rodney Square bus routes

WDEL | by Mark Fowser On a sweltering afternoon in Wilmington, disgruntled riders joined community activists and a few elected officials Thursday at a downtown rally and march to demand restoration of bus routes that were diverted away from Rodney Square nearly eight months ago. “Public transportation, not public discrimination” they chanted as they held signs and held a short protest before proceeding from Rodney Square to the Carvel State Office Building several blocks away. There, they delivered petitions containing more than 2,300 signatures to the office of Governor John […]