Letter to the Editor: Fight against Medicare Advantage plan has only just begun

State retirees are now receiving a mailing from the state Pensions Office notifying us that there will be no changes to our coverage through Dec. 31, 2023. It seems like a victory — no Medicare Advantage plan, no loss of our funds if we opt out. The key word is “seems.” The fight to stop this Medicare Advantage mandate, protect your insurance funds and to prevent this from happening again has just begun. The State Employee Benefits Committee was compelled to comply with the Superior Court order to delay implementation […]

General Assembly cancels plan to discuss Medicare Advantage oversight in special session

Delaware Public Media | by Paul Kiefer Delaware’s General Assembly will not convene for a special session Wednesday to discuss the controversial plan to transfer retired state employees from Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan administered by Highmark Delaware. Lawmakers were scheduled to reconvene to consider a bill that would have provided additional oversight of the transition — a way for the state to track whether retirees were more often denied coverage under the Medicare Advantage plan than under their current plans, for example. That changed after a Superior Court […]

Medicare Advantage alternative bill introduced in Delaware General Assembly for Wed. session

WDEL | by Mark Fowser Developments are expected soon on the legislative and judicial fronts regarding the future of the State of Delaware’s program to convert to a Medicare Advantage plan, affecting more than 30,000 state retirees and their families. The Special Medicfill Supplement plan would be replaced with a Medicare Advantage plan that many believe would be inferior. But, many found out about it just weeks ago. After some of the retirees formed a group known as Rise Delaware, they went to court and have been able to obtain […]

Legislator files bill to restore Medicare supplement

Cape Gazette | by Ryan Mavity After the Delaware Supreme Court stayed a proposed change to Medicare supplement insurance for state retirees, a state legislator has filed a bill that would give former state employees the option to keep their existing supplement or choose a new Medicare Advantage plan. Rep. John Kowalko, D-Newark, filed a bill Oct. 20 and said the bill, when passed, will allow the Legislature to fulfill its promises and obligations to its retirees by allowing them to choose between a new Medicare Advantage option or the […]

Delaware Superior Court rules in favor of state retirees, halts Medicare Advantage plan

Bay to Bay News | by Joseph Edelen Delaware Superior Court granted a motion Wednesday to delay the state’s implementation of its new Medicare Advantage plan. The decision marks a significant victory for state retirees, including the cases’ plaintiffs: Retirees Investing in Social Equity (RISE) Delaware, state retiree Thomas Penoza and former state Sen. Karen Peterson. Since August, pensioners have organized against the switch, citing concerns that retirees and legislators were not a part of discussions regarding the change. The lawsuit filed by RISE Delaware, Mr. Penoza and Ms. Peterson […]

Delaware retirees take to Dover to protest Medicare change

Bay to Bay News | by Joseph Edelen Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle gathered on the east steps of Legislative Hall Wednesday to call on the state to halt its implementation of a new Medicare Advantage plan for pensioners. Just over a week after a rally against the state’s move to a Medicare Advantage plan was held in Wilmington, more than 150 state retirees and others opposing the change gathered. Both events were led by Retirees Investing in Social Equity Delaware, or RISE Delaware, which is an organization […]

House, Senate to reconvene Oct. 26 for debate about Medicare Advantage oversight

Bay to Bay News | by Joseph Edelen Delaware’s House of Representatives and Senate will reconvene Oct. 26 to consider legislation that would provide oversight to the state’s move to a Medicare Advantage plan for its pensioners. The legislation, Senate Bill 348, would establish a State Medicare Advantage Accountability, Measurement and Reporting Subcommittee of elected officials who would be responsible for regular provision of the new plan. The group would also be tasked with releasing quarterly reports regarding the state’s compliance with its contract with Highmark Delaware, starting in April […]

Delaware Legislature to hold special session amid outrage for retiree Medicare Advantage plan

The News Journal | by Meredith Newman The Delaware General Assembly will hold a special session later this month to vote on adding more oversight to the transition of state retirees’ health care plan to Medicare Advantage, a move that has been protested across Delaware in recent weeks. Yet retirees are still looking to reject this plan altogether, as a lawsuit seeks to block the transition to Medicare Advantage, a type of Medicare plan offered through a private insurer. The special session, which has bipartisan support in both chambers, will […]

Delaware General Assembly to convene this month to consider Medicare Advantage oversight bill

Delaware Public Media | by Paul Kiefer Delaware’s General Assembly will hold a special session later this month to vote on a bill addressing concerns about the state’s transition to a Medicare Advantage Plans for retired state employees. The legislation — sponsored by leadership from both parties in the Senate and House — would task the state’s Department of Human Resources with assisting state pensioners with the transition and add guardrails to the new insurance plans for retired state employees. It comes after a lawsuit by the retiree advocacy group […]

State retirees protest Carney admin’s Medicare Advantage plan

Delaware Live | by Charlie Meggison Delaware state government retirees gathered in Wilmington Tuesday with a message for Gov. John Carney and his political appointees: “Keep your hands off our Medicare.” The crowd of mostly senior citizens planned to protest outside the Carvel State Office Building, where the governor, attorney general and New Castle County lawmakers have offices. Rain forced them indoors to the city and county council chambers, one building over. It was there that they reiterated their disdain for the state’s plan to shift retirees and pensioners from […]