Lawmaker Files Bill to Restore Delaware State Retirees’ Medicare Supplement Option

Delaware General Assembly
Rep. John Kowalko

For immediate release
October 21, 2022
John Kowalko
25th District Representative

Lawmaker Files Bill to Restore Delaware State Retirees’ Medicare Supplement Option

Bill would guarantee access to Special Medicfill Supplement Plan for retirees opposed to privatized Medicare Advantage plan

State Representative John Kowalko announced that he is filing legislation to restore the Delaware Special Medicfill Supplement Plan as an option for state employees and retirees who receive State-funded healthcare through Medicare. The bill will be filed in time for the special session of the General Assembly to be held on October 26, 2022.

The bill will give retirees the option of choosing between the current Medicfill supplement plan and the newly-created Medicare Advantage plan that was mandated by the State Employee Benefits Committee. This bill, when passed, will allow the legislature to fulfill its promises and obligations to its retirees.

Delaware Superior Court Judge Calvin Scott Jr. recently issued a stay of the implementation of the Medicare Advantage Plan for State retirees. In his order, Judge Scott required, “During the stay, Defendants shall take all necessary and proper steps to ensure that the healthcare insurance and benefits available to State retirees prior to October 3, 2022, or in which they were enrolled prior to that time, remain in full force and effect.”

Rep. Kowalko stated, “This legislation will enable the State to comply with the court’s directive and assures retirees that they will have options to prepare for their and their families’ futures. If retirees choose the supplement option, they will be lowering the substantial risk to their healthcare access that the Medicare Advantage privatization edict puts in jeopardy.”

“This legislation allows the General Assembly to embrace its obligations to its retirees and reiterates our respect for those workers who have earned that respect,” Kowalko said.

The bill is sponsored by Representatives John Kowalko, Madinah Wilson-Anton, Sherry Dorsey Walker, Michael Ramone, Sean Lynn, Ed Osienski, Paul Baumbach, Stephanie Bolden, Sherae’a Moore, Eric Morrison, and Michael Smith, and Senators Bruce Ennis, David Lawson, and Brian Pettyjohn.


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