Kowalko: Responsibility for all requires respect

Delaware State News | Letter to the Editor | by Rep. John Kowalko

I will vigorously support reopening of the economy when the scientific data and studies dictate that the risk to the health and welfare of the public is dramatically lessened. I will not support making life and death decisions when the message to “reopen now” is delivered by those who ignore the realities of this deadly contagion and its capability to infect everyone. I am more reluctant to consider a proposal or position when the messenger presenting that view has an assault weapon slung over a shoulder in full public view in what I feel is an attempt to intimidate and coerce those who do not agree.

I am open and willing to discuss any and all perspectives and positions during these turbulent times since we are in uncharted waters, but I cannot ignore the honest reality of the situation at hand. Although all businesses are suffering immensely during this crisis many, if not most, can and will recover and prosper. The individual parent, grandparent, spouse or child fatally afflicted by this insidious disease will not ever recover. That is an unavoidable finality that we must face. We must not rush to reopen Delaware’s economy too quickly unless we are willing to bear that responsibility.

State Rep. John Kowalko
Democrat – District 25, Newark

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