Close child care centers to all but essential workers’ children

It’s time for Delaware leadership to get serious about protecting its population from the spread of the deadly coronavirus. It is no longer an option to claim that child care facilities are safe places or “controlled environments” or that children are less likely to contract the virus. The reality that a positive test for the virus has occurred in a child care center sounds a vivid warning that Delaware must act quickly and resolutely.

New Jersey’s Governor has issued an executive order (Executive Order 110) to close child care centers to all but children of essential workers and have issued new state health and safety guidelines to that effect.

You can read Executive Order 110 below.

In addition, our neighboring state of Maryland has also taken similar action.

All Maryland child care providers, except those serving essential personnel, are being ordered to close by the end of the day Friday to help fight the spread of coronavirus, state officials said.

The state has already ordered non-essential businesses to close.

“During this State of Emergency, child care programs have been established by the State to serve only designated essential personnel,” State Schools Superintendent Dr. Karen Salmon said in a news release.

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Delaware cannot afford any further delay and should take similar action immediately.

John Kowalko
State Representative
25th District

New Jersey Executive Order 110:

NJ executive order on daycares

Learn more from the CDC:Coronavirus CDC website

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