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Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Democratic Rep. John Kowalko headlined “Language in Delaware budget bill betrays taxpayers” where he states “In a blatant disregard for fiscal responsibility and Delaware law, for almost a decade, the Joint Finance Committee has inserted language into the annual budget bill to remove oversight and protections from the use of taxpayer money to fund charter schools.”

  • I heard a presentation of the budget a week ago and this question was never addressed formally. It’s blindly let go. And then, at the same time, sending more money to the public schools when less children are being taught there except for the very poor kids who receive an education that isn’t “equal” under the law. And more and more charter schools are failing because of overspending and “other” expenditures. I have friends that work at charter schools but it seems more and more of them are just throwing money away on lavish buildings etc. Well, the chickens will be called back to the hen house soon enough if this continues. — Brandon Dougherty
  • This is a direct loss of millions in taxpayers’ dollars that is wasted each year and could be used to help the public school districts’ need for dollars they try and get by raising taxes. Heads should roll for this misuse of funds, from the politicians who would support the misuse, to the administrators, and owners of the charter schools that are abusing and skimming taxpayers dollars. — Ed Swetland
  • Oh my! I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you. — Gerald Rice
  • Once again the public school students in Delaware are at a disadvantage to those attending Charter schools. Charters get to “select” their students, while our public schools teach all students. Is it any wonder that the charter schools score better in the testing? To provide them funding with no accountability, then allow them to keep any excess funds is a crime or at least it ought to be. They probably don’t consider these “windfalls” when they consider their budgets and needs the following year. The legislators have increased our taxes, fees and tolls while permitting this. Think it’s time we put education of a level playing field in this state. Like any other state-funded agency unspent funds should be returned and all end of the year expenditures closely monitored. I worked for the state and the mindset was always “we need to spend this money or we will get less next year.” Think we as voters should verify that this language was/is included in the budget bill and then vote all those who voted for the current budget should be voted out of office in their next election. Time to take our state back! And kudos to Rep. Kowalko for bringing this to the voters attention!. — Dan Maher
  • Thank you Representative Kowalko and Representative Andria Viola Bennett. I don’t understand why you can’t get more support on this. Every dime of taxpayer money should be subject to oversight and accountability. — Bob D. Hartman

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