Support the Christina School District referendum on April 30th

Dear friends,

On April 30th, you will have an opportunity to vote on a subject of critical importance to our future. I am personally asking all of you to cast a vote for one of the most important issues facing our children, our families, and our community. The Christina School District is holding an operating referendum to provide funding for over 20,000 children in our community, whether they attend a Christina school, a charter school, or a public school in another district.

Christina School District has worked tirelessly to trim costs and expenses that do not maximize educational opportunities for the students. Christina has dramatically cut administrative costs and positions while increasing a focus on money going into the classrooms and creating programs for students to enhance their educational experience. In my over thirty years of personal experience with Christina and as a parent of two children who successfully attended all 12 years of the public school experience in the district, I have witnessed many changes and challenges in our public schools. Christina has made massive progress in utilizing their dwindling funds to address a myriad of challenges in providing more and better opportunities for our children.

In Delaware, the portion of school taxes that is used for the daily operations of a school district, including funds that follow students to charter schools, can only be increased by the district through a successful referendum. The last referendum in 2016 provided two years of funding to restore educator positions and add school safety personnel. The proposed referendum on April 30, 2019, will allow Christina to keep up with rising operating costs, offset reductions in state funding, continue ongoing programs as well as safety and security initiatives, and help attract and retain needed educators. It will also provide funding for the School of the Arts and transportation so that students can attend the high school of their choice.

The referendum proposes a rate increase of 34¢ per $100 of assessed property values. You can determine the projected increase for your home by using the tax calculator at To find your nearest polling place, you can visit the Department of Elections website.

As your State Representative, as your neighbor, and as a father, I am asking you to cast your vote on behalf of our families, our community, and our children by supporting of this critical referendum.


John Kowalko
State Representative
25th District

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