Lawmaker revives call for Inspector General

Delaware Public Media | by Joe Irizarry

A House Democrat wants the First State to have an independent Inspector General.

State Rep. John Kowalko (D-Newark South) plans to introduce legislation to creat that position.

Kowalko supported a similar bill in 2007. That passed the House, but it didn’t make out of committee in the Senate.

Kowalko says if created, the position would oversee state run agencies.

“So we can have an oversight of the mechanics of agencies and all the different offices in Delaware,” said Kowalko.

Kowalko adds the position would keep state run agencies in order.

“It’ll have the ability to investigate any kind of not that it has to be wrongdoing but perceived wrongdoing or perceived missteps or efficiencies that need to be done.”

Kowalko says this legislation is a high priority for him this session.

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