Letter: State representative stands for the people

The News Journal | Letter to the Editor | by Carol Robbins

I am writing today to say that as a die-hard Republican in an all-blue state, there is only one candidate that will get my vote for state House of Representatives. That person is John Kowalko.

I have known John for several years and I can truthfully say that he is a man of his word. That is a rare thing these days, especially for a politician.

John has represented the people in our district in Newark for the past 10 years. Five years ago, when the citizens of Newark were opposed to the UDE building a power plant on the Star Campus, John was a fighting tiger. He truly represented the people of his district and took a licking from some of his fellow legislators, then-Gov. Jack Markell, and especially the unions.

I’m sure it was hard for him to go to work everyday and face those people who were so gung-ho for a project that was sketchy at best.

Well, guess what — we won. The little guy won, and that is thanks to a man who was, to use one of my favorite words, “Homeric.” He is a good man and is passionate about the people in this state.

Carol Robbins, Newark

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