Letter of Support for State Auditor Candidate Kathleen Davies

I have sent the following letter of support for Kathleen Davies to some of my constituents. I believe this upcoming primary on September 6th is of the utmost importance to Delaware. I also believe that Kathleen Davies stands head and shoulders above her competitors as far as qualifications, ability, and willingness to dedicate herself without any reservation to serving the public interest. Her desire for an open, transparent good government will be enabled with the appropriate and objective oversight she will administer as our Auditor General. Please read about Kathleen and join me in voting for her in the primary election this September 6th to represent the Democratic Party in November for State Auditor.

John Kowalko
State Representative
25th District

Dear Friend,

There is a primary election on September 6th that is of utmost importance to you and Delaware. I do not often choose to make an endorsement in a primary election, but sometimes a candidate stands out from the rest and earns my recognition and support. An individual of impeccable integrity, experience, and intelligence best describes Kathleen Davies. I am proud to endorse Ms. Kathleen Davies as the Democratic candidate for the office of State Auditor.

Ms. Davies stands above the others in my opinion and will administer the affairs and responsibilities of the Auditor’s office with an exceptional consideration for fairness and honesty. Kathleen has more than 25 years of experience in state auditing including six years as the second-in-command at the Office of Auditor of Accounts. Kathleen has the expertise to perform critical independent investigation of state funded programs. She will work to identify recommendations for process improvements, to support quality education, and to advance public health and human services. Ms. Davies has the qualifications, experience, and commitment to providing transparent public reporting and fiscal accountability.

Kathleen Davies is the person you, your family, and the taxpayers of Delaware deserve to have watching over their interests.

I ask you to vote in the September 6th primary for Kathleen Davies.


Representative John Kowalko

Davies support letter
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