Delaware becomes first state to ban outdoor use of lead paint

Yesterday, the Governor signed HB 456, one of the most important bills to be passed by the State Legislature. This landmark legislation will ensure cleaner air, water, and soil and help protect the public against the threat that lead based products presents by banning the use of lead paint on outdoor structures.

Bill signing for lead paint ban with Kowalko and Roe

A special and sincere thank you goes out to Amy Roe and Sarah Bucic, two of the hardest working and knowledgeable environmental advocates in Delaware. Their persistent efforts in helping draft this bill, promoting this bill, and explaining the need for this bill was and is a remarkable achievement that is a textbook example of citizen involvement and engagement. Delaware has now become the first state to ban “lead paint” use on outdoor structures. It was my privilege to help in the passage of this bill and to witness the signing with Ms. Roe and Ms. Bucic.

Bill signing for lead paint ban with Kowalko, Bucic, Roe, and Jaques

The synopsis of HB 456 is as follows:

This Act amends Titles 14, 16, 17, 26, and 29 of the Delaware Code to prohibit the use of lead paints on outdoor structures such as bridges, water towers, playground equipment, highways, parking lots, and utility towers and poles, in order to protect public health from the dangers of such paints. More specifically, Section 1 of this Act substantively amends Title 16 to add a new Chapter 30M setting forth the general prohibition of use of lead paints on outdoor structures after specified effective dates. Section 2 of this Act amends Titles 17, 26, and 29 to reference back to the new Title 16 Chapter 30M prohibitions. Section 3 requires the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to develop regulations governing the removal of lead paint from outdoor structures consistent with this Act.

Thank you again to everyone who supported and helped pass this important bill.Get the Lead Out logo

John Kowalko
State Representative
25th District

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