Kowalko: News Journal Editor’s statement out of line

The News Journal | Letter to the Editor | by Rep. John Kowalko

In an obvious misrepresentation of the truth, you make statements in today’s article, “Mike Feeley, executive editor of The News Journal, said the news organization will not be deterred by threats of legal action,” that show that you have apparently not read the letter (from Rep. Williams and myself sent to Attorney General Denn) or you are deliberately misinterpreting the content and intent of the letter.

Nowhere in that letter does it state or allude to any legal action or threat thereof against the News Journal. It is an unfair and false claim of some type of purported persecution of the media that has no place in fair and objective reporting. Furthermore your blatant attempts to integrate illegal and illicit releasing of privileged and confidential materials regarding an active hearing that has not been adjudicated into your opinion of transparent government is woefully and blatantly misguided.

Calling for an investigation of a source or sources within a government agency that have conspired to release a confidential report involving a serious personnel matter yet to be adjudicated is a potential criminal action that must be investigated and punished (within the structure of the law). It is certainly not your place to judge the efficacy of such an action as whistleblower protected, nor to conspire, via your expressed opinion, with illegal and illicit actions by redefining transparency.

State Rep. John Kowalko, D-Newark 

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