Letter: Drug law will save lives

The News Journal | Letter to the Editor | by Bonnie & Chuck Yeatman

We want to thank Rep. John Kowalko for the tireless effort and time he put into sponsoring House Bill 331. This bill requires physicians to obtain informed, written parental consent prior to prescribing specific mind-altering drugs (including “benzos”) to teens.

The parent will be given a form that explains, in layman’s terms, possible life-threatening risks to minors using the drug for the first time. This groundbreaking legislation has the potential to save teen lives; we were personally affected because this bill wasn’t in place, so we are thankful other teens and families won’t have to suffer needless tragic deaths.

Rep. Kowalko is a true leader; only a few other states have similar laws, so hopefully other states may find the courage to follow Rep. Kowalko and pass like legislation.

Bonnie and Chuck Yeatman, Hockessin

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