Kowalko: Drawn-out end to legislative session draws compromise, disappointment

WDEL | by Kevin Hayes

The end of the legislative session in Dover was more of a chore than previously predicted.

A recess well into Sunday morning when the session should have cut off by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday left both sides of the aisle in arms.

“I would say that the minimum wage hike was long overdue,” said State Rep. John Kowalko (D-Newark). “I don’t think it should have even been held as a bargaining chip.

Kowalko cited the Republican reaction to the hiked minimum wage as a call to not vote on other important bills, including the bond bill, which funds capital projects in the state.

“The bond bill serves both sides of the aisle [and] also the businesses and constituents of the state. I was very disappointed by the actions of the Republican party,” he said.

The real zinger for Kowalko was the “budget smoothing” executive order handed down in the 11th hour by Governor John. Carney.

“As far as the executive order, I’m embarrassed for this governor,” said Kowalko.

Kowalko called the move “Trump-ian” and unnecessary as the notion would have been addressed with little opposition as a part of the next budget conversation.

“In an unexplicable [sic] way, he decided to issue an executive order to prove a point, I guess,” said Kowalko.

The bond bill was eventually passed alongside an amended minimum wage hike.

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