Delaware Public Advocate fighting for utility rate reduction

Public Advocate Drew Slater has petitioned the Public Service Commission contending that the cash windfall from the recent lowering of corporate taxes that would directly benefit utilities, such as Delmarva Power and Artesian, should not be added to those companies’ coffers but should flow directly to electricity and water consumers. This is a petition that should be granted without any hesitation and is another example of the dedication and thoughtfulness exhibited by Mr. Slater who takes his responsibilities to the consumers as Delaware’s Public Advocate more seriously than any other that I have worked with. Simply stated, Mr. Slater’s position is one of the most responsible, honest, and just advocates on the public’s behalf that I have had the pleasure of witnessing.

I hope all members of the public will recognize that they have finally been blessed with a true champion of their interests when Mr. Drew Slater was appointed as the Public Advocate. I’ve worked with a number of Public Advocates over the last dozen years and none of them have had the dedication and focus on behalf of the consumer’s interests like Mr. Slater. I couldn’t be more proud of a public servant like Mr. Slater whose grasp of his responsibilities is beyond comparison. Good job, Drew, and keep it up. The people need more public servants like you, and I personally applaud you for everything you are doing.

John Kowalko
State Representative
25th District

PSC logoFor more information on the Delmarva rate reduction petition, please search by docket numbers on the Public Service Commission database. You can leave a public comment through their website as well. The dockets is 17-1240.

You can also learn more about Delmarva’s recent attempts to have an rate increase imposed on ratepayers through an automatic surcharge every year.

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