PSC Public Meeting Notice & Invitation

Delmarva Power & Light is requesting that another large increase be imposed on its ratepayers and business customers that might very well adversely affect your economic circumstances. I am posting this public meeting schedule below in order to ask all DP&L electric and natural gas customers to show up and speak up at these “public comment sessions.”

The frequency and size of these rate increases is stifling and unfair to the public and the commercial business community alike. There are many knowledgeable experts who find these rate increases unjustified and excessive, but it will take you and your neighbors and your entire community expressing their collective outrage and opposition at these public forums to force the Public Service Commission to stop these takings.

I will do all I can to oppose any unfair and unjustified increases but my voice alone will not suffice. Please encourage your friends and neighbors and local business owners to show up at the Gilliam Building on October 23rd at 6 PM and sign up to speak out against these increases. You and your community’s voices echoing in this type of public forum will be heard and heeded but you must be there to speak out.

My petitions to intervene in the two DP&L rate increase dockets were granted by the PSC, and I hope to use my intervener status in both cases to mitigate some of the economic burdens the residential and business ratepayers will face if Delmarva’s requested increases take effect.  The current increase being sought by DP&L is excessive and would be punitive to middle-class and poor users as well as the small business community. It could also disaffect large industrial users and stifle job growth and economic progress.

I have intervened in more than a half-dozen cases previously with varying degrees of success on behalf of the electric and gas users. We are fortunate to have a new Public Advocate, Drew Slater, who is committed to working on your behalf, and his office and I will try to establish a level playing field and dedicated advocacy that benefits your interests.

But I need your help to influence the PSC Commissioners. Our efforts will also be more achievable if all of the members of the public and the business community participate in the process with public comments and by attending the public comment sessions in substantial numbers. Please see the meeting times and locations below and speak out on your own behalf.

In your service,

John Kowalko
State Representative
25th District

PSC Docket No. 17-0977 — In the Matter of the Application of Delmarva Power & Light Company for an Increase in Electric Base Rates and Miscellaneous Tariff Changes (filed August 17, 2017)

PSC Docket No. 17-0978 — In the Matter of the Application of Delmarva Power & Light Company for an Increase in Natural Gas Base Rates and Miscellaneous Tariff Changes (filed August 17, 2017)

Monday, October 23, 2017, 6:00pm

Gilliam Building
Multipurpose Room
77 Reads Way
New Castle, DE 19720

*Electric Docket Public Comment Session
*Gas Docket Public Comment Session

Tuesday, October 24, 2017, 6:00pm

Delaware Public Service Commission
861 Silver Lake Blvd.
Dover, DE 19904

*Electric Docket Public Comment Session

Wednesday, October 25, 2017, 6:00pm

Indian River Senior Center
214 Irons Ave.
Millsboro, DE 19966

*Electric Docket Public Comment Session

PSC logoFor more information on the Delmarva rate increase requests, please search by docket numbers on the Public Service Commission database. You can leave a public comment through their website as well. The dockets are 17-0977 (electric rate increase) and 17-0978 (natural gas rate increase).

You can also learn more about Delmarva’s recent attempts to have an rate increase imposed on ratepayers through an automatic surcharge every year.

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