State Rep. Kowalko fights Delmarva Power’s rate increase proposal

Delaware Public Media | by Sarah Mueller

The Public Service Commission heard public comments this week on Delmarva Power’s rate increase request.

In August, the utility company asked to hike gas and electricity rates to raise about $25 million. But it amended that proposal earlier this month, asking for a larger increase. Delmarva is now seeking to recover about $43 million dollars with a nearly 6% rate increase in electricity and a nearly 9% hike in the natural gas rate.

If approved, the increases would add about $5.50 to the average Delawareans’ monthly electric bill and about $4 dollars to the average natural gas bill.

Among those fighting the increase is State Rep. John Kowalko (D-Newark South), who’s joined a motion made the public advocate and the Public Service commission’s staff to commissioners to dismiss the request. Our political reporter Sarah Mueller interviewed Kowalko for this week’s edition of The Green.

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