House leadership takes advantage of trooper’s death to push death penalty bill

WDEL | by Joe Izizarry

The death penalty bill voted out of committee yesterday is on today’s House Agenda.

“An irresponsible move by leadership by Pete Schwartzkopf putting that on the agenda with little to no notice to the general public,” said Representative John Kowalko. “It is an important issue.”

Representative would rather see another week before the legislation goes to the full House. He accuses leadership of trying to take advantage of Corporal Stephen Ballard’s killing to try and fast track this bill.

Another reason Kowalko would like to see a delay is that it would allow for key witnesses on both sides of the issue who can’t attend today’s vote to testify before the House.

Kowalko expects this bill to pass the House.

The legislation was released to the full House out of committee on Wednesday by a 7-to-4 vote.

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