Some Democrats not in favor of parts of Carney’s budget

WDEL | by Joe Izizarry

Two lawmakers agree with many educators that the Governor John Carney’s budget hits education too hard.

Representative J.J. Johnson would like to see the issue with Wilmington schools be resolved.

“This latest proposal with WEIC was the best,” said Johnson. “I’m very disappointed that the state can not set aside money to address it.”

Representative John Kowalko is also disappointed WEIC isn’t part of Carney’s budget, and he added if any cuts should be made to education, they should be at the State level.

Secretary of Finance Rick Geisenberger said when putting together a budget with the huge hole the state has, some items are going to be left out even if the governor wants to fund them.

Other topics discussed at Wednesday night’s Progressive Democrats Forum included property taxes, retirement income and legalizing marijuana.

Representatives Kowalko and Johnson believe legalizing marijuana at this time won’t help solve the budget crisis.

Kowalko also doesn’t like some of Carney’s terminology in explaining his budget.

“It’s not shared sacrifice when you walk into a family of four and take half of a loaf of bread on the table that’s their meal, and then you go into a wealthy place give me a slice of that filet mignon–that’s not shared sacrifice,” said Kowalko.

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