Letter: Kowalko listens, takes action

The News Journal | Letter to the Editor | by Karen, Jack & Ben Bashkow

We ask for your support of John Kowalko for state representative. John has served many years to help make Delaware a better place.

I initially met John when he was running for his first term. John was canvassing our neighborhood on Hunter Forge Road. He began to talk to me about issues he found had the interest of many of his constituents. I immediately introduced him to our pressing issue of funds for adults and children with autism. John listened intently and has helped teach others in state government about disabilities issues and has always fought to get the votes for issues important to voters in his district.

John is a passionate advocate and an honest man. He is available when needed and willing to listen and get involved. Imagine what our state and national government would be like if we could say that about all politicians?

Because of John’s dedication and hard work for the people of Delaware that he represents, we encourage you to support John Kowalko in the upcoming election. John will be there when you need him as he has been there for me and my family.

Karen, Jack and Ben Bashkow

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