My Mission

Committed to our community, fighting for your families.

  • Dedicated to open government and ensuring government transparency and accountability. We must not let the powerful interests control the policymaking in Dover. Our elected official needs to engage in meaningful public dialogue, and I will continue to challenge leadership that attempts to retain an almost dictatorial control over policies and issues preventing and obstructing votes on important policies. I will continue fighting against abuses of FOIA and working to bring legitimacy to the annual budget process.
  • Legislating solutions to the out of control, soaring utility rate increases by re-regulating the power generating industry costs, providing a sustainable program of affordable relief for our Seniors and low to moderate income families, and permitting public scrutiny of the process of rate increases and power purchases.
  • Guaranteeing health care for all Delaware residents from cradle to grave. This will be accomplished by implementing a single-payer system to finance Universal Health Care in Delaware. Single-payer health care uses savings from elimination of multi-payer brokers and for-profit insurance companies to provide health care coverage for all Delawareans. The savings engendered by this system will accelerate economic growth, enable new job creation, allow businesses to afford to pay livable wages, and secure an affordable future for our seniors and retirees.
  • A practical informed approach to improve our educational system. We can accomplish true educational reform and improvement by inviting Educators (superintendents, school board members, principals, and teachers) as well as the community into the process before legislating misguided or unrealistic laws that must later be reformed or repealed. We must use a well-informed, innovative, and visionary approach to legislating our public education system. We should concentrate on early childhood development, standardizing curriculum statewide, and narrowing the achievement gap between minorities and whites.
  • Halting the assault on the environment and our health. We must vigorously and stringently enforce the existing regulations. We must negotiate and demand new regulations by partnering with the community, environmental activists and Labor leaders, and the appropriate regulatory agencies in negotiating with the various companies excluding the lobbyists from the procedure.